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CROWN is the electrifying new addition to the World Sticker Series from internationally acclaimed Australian Pop painter Johnny Romeo. The street sticker hits the US, fresh off the heels of the first two hugely successful instalments in the World Sticker Series, which featured exhilaratingly colourful takes on Jimi Hendrix and the Kool Aid Man.

Filled to the brim with Romeo’s signature Neo-Expressionist Pop bombast and penchant for vibrant, Technicolour hues, the latest sticker is a glorious, neon-drenched celebration of America’s greatest president, Abraham Lincoln.

Romeo’s rollicking rendition of Lincoln aims to distil and reinterpret the essence of the much-loved leader, while re-envisioning him as an enduring, bona-fide icon of popular culture. Bold, playful and undeniably Pop, CROWN, the Lincoln sticker, promises to provide street audiences with a fresh new take on Abraham Lincoln with its intoxicating fusion of street art grit, psychedelic colours and classic American iconography.

July 22, 2015