TUMBLNG OVR – a group show taking the visual inspirations and titillation of some of your favourite creatives and putting them on display. Basically they’re taking everything normally put on a blog, and putting it on their gallery walls.
They will be hosting image collections from Kenzie Larsen, Luke Lucas and Bams&Ted, as well as Mel Stringer, Marty Routledge, Future Classic DJs, Caitlin Shearer, Johnny Romeo and a whole bunch more…

“Tumblng Ovr is our first exhibition of the relaunch. Thinking about artists that had grabbed my attention over the last year, I realised that I had discovered most of them online, especially via other people’s tumblrs. I follow a few art enthusiasts, and every morning checking my tumblr dashboard was like having a new exhibition on my screen, curated by a bunch of bloggers whose tastes I’d subscribed to. I think tumblr, just because it so easy to use, has made a lot of people curators of their own visual experiences, even if they don’t work in or practice any visual arts themselves. So Tumblng Ovr is the Wall asking some of our favourite creatives and creative friends to collect images for a week, as if they were going to be blogging them, and then reproducing them and hanging them in the flesh. We’re taking the haphazard and sum-of-its-parts tone of a tumblr, and throwing them up on the walls to see what’s triggering and tickling people’s inspirations on any given week.” Matt Roden http://artonthewall.tumblr.com/

May 14, 2011