The grit, the bravado, the violence…  BLOODSPORT, the latest series from Johnny Romeo, sees the acclaimed artist jump into the ring and deliver a knockout exploration of the world of boxing in all its savage, bombastic glory. Like Scorsese’s ‘Raging Bull’ trading blows with the Pop establishment, BLOODSPORT bristles with an irrepressible urgency, capturing the rawness and energy of boxing. Romeo’s bold, expressive boxers have a distinct character and swagger, combining pop’s love of colour with punk’s ruggedness and ferocity. Johnny Romeo’s new series immerses his audience into the euphoria and mayhem of the boxing – as battle, as spectacle, as BLOODSPORT.

Johnny Romeo’s new show BLOODSPORT opens @ Buratti Fine Art, Perth – October 26th – November 28th, 2012
Opening Night: 6:30pm Friday 26th October

Any enquires concerning BLOODSPORT can be made directly through Buratti Fine Art (mail@buratti.com.au) or by calling the gallery on +61 8 9433 6369.

September 28, 2012