Johnny Romeo, Holly Polly, 2013, acrylic and oil on canvas 120cm x 120cm

Johnny Romeo, Dizzy Fizzy, 2013, acrylic and oil on canvas 120cm x 120cm

Johnny Romeo, Number Two Hands, 2013, acrylic and oil on canvas 150cm x 150cm

Deadwood, the latest show from internationally acclaimed Australian artist Johnny Romeo is a visual tour de force of bombastic neo-Expressionist Pop. Deadwood sees Johnny Romeo craft his most glorious series of Pop paintings yet.  Evoking the spirit of Andy Warhol and urban street-art at its most brazen, Romeo’s portraits of bygone Hollywood stars are potent visual statements. A glorious romp through celebrity nostalgia and the seamy underbelly of pop culture, Romeo masterfully combines the humour of kitsch, the energy of rock’n’roll and the urgency of urban street art into a truly incendiary paean to Hollywood in all its neon-drenched, trashy glory.

Johnny Romeo’s DEADWOOD @ NG Art Gallery, Chippendale, Sydney, Australia opens Tuesday 13th August 2013 – 6-8pm – www.ngart.com.au

DEADWOOD will be opened by Visual Arts Writer for The Daily Telegraph Elizabeth Fortesque.

Any enquires concerning DEADWOOD can be made directly through NG Art Gallery (ng@ngart.com.au) or by calling the gallery on +61 9 318 2992.

July 30, 2013