Johnny Romeo, Sweet Beet, 2014, acrylic and oil on canvas 101cm x 101cm

Johnny Romeo
New Paintings

ICONS, the exhilarating latest series from internationally acclaimed Australian Pop painter Johnny Romeo, is a playfully irreverent exploration of youthful nostalgia, kitsch and pop culture.

Romeo’s unmistakably colourful take on classic icons such as Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit drips with an irresistible humour that mirrors the glorious kitsch of Jeff Koons and the larger-than-life comic book appropriations of Ronnie Cutrone.

By cleverly amalgamating cartoon imagery, product placement and pithy text references with his signature Neo-Expressionist Pop flair, Johnny Romeo transforms his canvases into hilarious mock advertisements that comment on the intersection between nostalgia, schlock culture and crass commercialism.

Through re-envisioning beloved childhood icons such as Popeye the Sailor Man, ET and Betty Boop, the series cleverly challenges our understanding of originality and authorship, and blurs the line between fine art and lowbrow culture

With Johnny Romeo in attendance, ICONS opens at 6-9pm on Friday 3rd October at CG PROJECTS, 140 West Fourth St, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 17701, USA. The exhibition will run until November 1st.

For any enquiries: contact@cgartprojects.com


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September 15, 2014